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Welcome to the RMBS Blog, all things Mind, Body, and Soul!

This is ME! Yes, on my spinning bike! Just an average 33-year-old woman trying every day to get it RIGHT!

Have I made mistakes? You bet I have! Do I regret any of them? Not at all! I am here to tell you that life is tough my friends, but life can also be so fulfilling!

Three years ago, I started this business, The Real Mind Body Soul to help others just like YOU! My goal has been to use the skills and knowledge that I have accumulated over the years to help others, give back, and leave this world a better place. I may not know it all, but I am learning each and every day through trial and error how to be a better person and make the most of this life, and that my friends is what I want to share with YOU!

This blog will be everything that YOU want it to be. I want you to give me feedback. I want you to tell me what you love and what you hate! But just know that this blog will be all things, mind, body, and soul. All things related to being the best YOU! Positive vibes, of course, and too many pictures of my dog I’m sure! But a little bit of humor, love, and nothing but REAL advice from a woman who has seen some tough stuff but come back better than ever! Basically, I want to help the world to wake up a little bit more focused, a little bit better prepared, and a little bit happier each-and-every day.

So come along on this crazy ride with me! Join me on this journey that we call life and help me spread good vibes and advice to those who are looking for direction, love, humor, and wisdom. My apologies in advance for my bluntness from time to time!

Welcome to the REAL Mind, Body, and Soul Lifestyle Blog!

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