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The Power of Transformation Seminar Program

The Power of Transformation seminar program is an 8-week series featuring 1-hour weekly sessions as well as support through a private Facebook group. The focus of the series is on the mind, body, and soul/spirit. Throughout the 8 weeks, members of the group will learn to open their hearts to a more conscious way of thinking while learning how to transform their day to day lives. By the end of the course, one can expect to have a greater sense of self, purpose, and direction as well as better communication with others, healthy nutrition and lifestyle tips, and stress-relief techniques. Open to all individuals 18 years and older. Please contact us for in person and online dates


Transformation Coaching

Do you need help hitting your goals, organizing your life, and being the best version of YOU? Let us help you whether online or in person through personalized transformation coaching.

Fitness Coaching

We are certified in all things fitness! Whether it is personal or group training, spinning, yoga, barre, kickboxing, tabata, running; you name it, we do it! Let us help you reach your goals with a fitness regimen that is catered to you and a personalized nutrition plan to balance it out.



Beachbody on Demand (BOD) is a great at home resource for finding all of your fitness needs from the comfort of your family room!


Want to revamp your daily nutrition with one simple meal/snack? Get all of your daily vitamins and needs in one easy to make shake!


Next Steps...

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