About Us

About Us

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Our Approach

Our Vision

Here at TheRealMindBodySoul, we are focused on helping others with a realistic approach. What drives us is the desire to help individuals to set goals and make progress while living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Unlike others, we strive to genuinely connect with our community members and always be available to lend a helping hand.  We help others to achieve their goals and live their best lives, while also living their busy lives. No rigid plans, no unrealistic expectations, just guidance and support as a partner on your journey.

Our Story

How it all began...

With a backgound in Counseling and a life long struggle with Health and Fitness, Sarah wanted to help others in her community through the use of her own struggles and educational achievements. Along with some of her closest peers and knowledgeable contributors, her goal is to help as many folks possible in living their best lives each and every day

Meet our Team

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Sarah Sibel


From a young age, Sarah always wanted to help others and give back. Besides working though, Sarah enjoys outdoor sports, spending time with family, friends, and her pups, music, coffee, the beach, and so much more!

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Amy Gluckman


Outside of helping others in the world of education, Amy has enjoyed working on her own personal health and fitness over the past few years. She loves remaking recipes in a healthier way, and finding time for fitness among her crazy busy social life! She enjoys boccie, trying new places and things, and spending time with her cats!

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